What we offer

Intuivite app and seamless user experience.

Intuitive access


Doors open automatically or after user intent (clicking notification, widget or phone shake).

Fast and contactless opening

Mobile application allows users to open doors with no need to take phone out of their pockets.

Seamless user


Fast and reliable mobile application containing many options to adjust to particular needs.



You will be able to send out push notifications directly to the users. All of them, groups or selected ones.



We have already integrated with a couple of different solutions including elevators, car parks, licence plate recognition etc.

Straight forward administration

User management is fast and intuitive. User profiles, lock groups and group admins take it to the next level.

Is it Safe?

High security level transmission

Bilateral encryption ensures high security of the connection. No worries, that the data will be stolen or intercepted.

Administrator and users control the access rights

It is possible to define who has the right to invite guests and to which rooms, check the access history and conveniently manage the space

Our devices can be successfully applied to:

We Make Your life Easier

Access administration

Simple installation

When designing Blue Bolt, we focused on simplicity of installation and universality. That is why our system can be installed in any building, regardless of its age, systems and software at place.

What’s even more important, there is no need for a local server or even web access for our devices. Our server is cloud-based and whole transmission of data is fully encrypted. Thanks to this, our system can work in every conditions.


As we create both hardware and software from scratch, Blue Bolt is truly flexible. Thanks to this, we can integrate with virtually any software or system.

  • Parking systems
  • Elevators
  • BMS and other access control systems
  • Conference room booking
  • Third party apps