Frequently Asked Questions

Is it still possible to use access cards and intercom?2020-04-05T19:33:07+02:00

Sure, there is no incompatibility between these two.

Is internet connection required to open doors? What if I am offline?2020-04-05T19:31:58+02:00

No, it is not – you may open locks offline. Of course, internet connection may be required to open locks if lock owner wants to do so.

What does administrator have to do to launch Blue Bolt? How the sign-up looks like? Do users have to somehow pair their smartphones?2020-04-05T19:25:53+02:00

The only thing neede is a smartphone. Sign-up is not mandatory but can be required. Users don’t have to pair anyhow – they just click a link or scan QR code they receive via e-mail or text message.

Is it possible to revoke access?2020-04-05T19:22:36+02:00

Yes, sure – you can do it any time. The access is revoked within seconds.

How far can I be to open the door?2020-04-05T19:20:52+02:00

That depends on the configuration but the range is up to 50 meters and can be freely modified.

What should I do when I stand next to the door to open it?2020-04-05T19:18:28+02:00

There are few ways to open locks – you may tap convenient icon in our app, enable automatic unlocking so that door opens while you approach, shake your phone, click a notification, add a widget to your home screen or use Siri.

What technology is used to open locks?2020-04-05T19:15:14+02:00

Devices communicate each other using Bluetooth Low Energy – it’s a technology that grants high security, reliable data transmission while not draining phone battery.