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Blue Bolt enables more than just opening doors via smartphone. We took a step further.

Lead your building into the future

  • Choose innovation and forget the limitations of standard access control systems for good.

  • Call any elevator via mobile application with destination dispatching & automated calls.

  • Streamline parking optimization, conference rooms booking, and efficient guest management.

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Administrator sets the zones and users.

The user receives an email with link, scans a QR code or types it manually in the app.


The card is not needed anymore.

From now on, just approach the door or gate and your phone opens it.


You can use it in any type of building

Brand new, old, residential, office, co-working space.



Bring innovative technology to your property and gain a lot more than just a modern image of your building and company. Above all, Blue Bolt offers measurable benefits.


Comfort and security

With Blue Bolt, you raise the comfort of the facility manager, building tenants and their guests, while simultaneously upgrading security standards for the entire property.


Access cards are gone for good

From now on, all you have to do is approach the door or gate and your phone will open it on your behalf. Forget carrying a card – your phone can do a lot more.

You’ll find our app in Google Play and App store!


See what Blue Bolt can bring to your property.

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More than just the access control

While using our platform, you can take advantage of a wide range of additional features. They will improve the quality of your property and engage tenants.

  • Simplify guest management
  • Create true community

  • Gather data

  • Provide important information

  • Collect feedback

  • Improve parking

Enhance your front desk

Your property will be much more friendly if guests can move around it easily. Your tenants will appreciate it.

  • Allow tenants to invite guests via mobile app

  • Reduce traffic at receptions

  • Improve parking

  • Forget one-time codes or access cards

Check Blue Bolt in practice

If you want to give Blue Bolt a try on your property, please contact us. That’s the best way to discover its capabilities.

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